Read & Romps for January – May, 2020

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Read & Romps for January – May, 2020

February 10, 2020 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Join us with your little learner, ages 2-6, for an exciting hour of storytelling, interactive games, and creative crafts in the Museum’s galleries. Read & Romps will be held every other Monday from January through May, 2020 at 10:30-11:30am. Please see the schedule below. Each week we will explore a different theme addressed in our Museum, such as acceptance, respect, kindness, and more.

Read & Romp is FREE with general Museum admission at the door. No pre-registration is required. However, if you are interested in bringing a group to one or more, please call our Education Team at 215-925-2800, ext. 111 or email us at

Monday, January 13
Flight School by Lita Judge
This book follows a penguin that wants to learn how to fly and decides to go to flight school. His teachers are other birds that have the ability to fly but don’t give up on him. The book’s main focus is perseverance. The activity is a parachute game with a stuffed animal penguin!!

Monday, January 27
You Are (Not) Small by Anna Kang
This book is a funny take on the idea of feeling small or unimportant. It emphasizes the importance of perspective, and that we shouldn’t focus so much on what separates us from each other. Kids will partner up and create medals for each other, writing/drawing something that they like about their partner. They will also create paper chains and crowns to wear home.

Monday, February 10
The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
This book is about a girl with poor self-confidence who is encouraged by a teacher to value her artwork, more specifically, her dot artwork. It’s a very positive “self-love” book and also shows what can happen when someone believes in what you can do. For the craft, we will use watercolors and everyone can create their own dot artwork.

Monday, February 24
To the Sea by Cale Atkinson
This book is about a boy who goes to great lengths to help out his only friend, a beached blue whale.  After feeling invisible for a long time, both Tim and Sam find joy in their unique friendship and learn what it means to be there for someone else.  After hearing the story, kids will pair up and trace each other!


Monday, March 9
The Bad Seed by Jory John
This book is about an actual seed that has been doing bad things to other seeds around him. People start calling him the bad seed, but he doesn’t like that, so he decides to make a change. This is a great book for talking about how, even when you’ve made a bad choice, you can still chose to turn your actions around. It’s also great for talking to kids about why “being mean” may just be a sign that someone is going through a hard time. We will be using rainbow sketch paper to make beautiful designs of our own seeds to show how much good lies under the surface of us all.

Monday, March 23
Strictly No Elephants By Lisa Mantchev
This book follows a young boy and his elephant as they try and fail to go to a pet “show and tell.” They have to navigate being excluded from a group. This is a great book for talking about allies. For this activity, we are going to make our own welcome signs that each student will get to take home so that everyone knows that all are welcome.


Monday, April 6
Frederick by Leo Lionni
This book talks about how individuals can play important roles in their communities in many different ways. Instead of getting ready for winter by gathering supplies, Frederick gathers memories of spring to keep everyone warm when winter begins. For this activity, we will collect and laminate images to form a spring-scape on our large blue paper.


Monday, April 20
Anywhere Farm by Phyllis Root
Celebrating earth day, this book talks about young students who gather together to form a community garden in their city. It also addresses using recycled materials to start planting seeds. In that spirit, the craft for this week involves students painting and planting their own seeds in a recycled egg carton.


Monday, May 4
Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni
This book talks about how two colors that initially do not think they will get along form into a beautiful new color. The focus is on people of different backgrounds coming together. In the story, the two main characters are the colors blue and yellow, who come together to form the color green. This activity is a craft involving each student getting blue and yellow play-doh and creating a new green sculpture.

Monday, May 18
Sticks By Diane Alber
This book is about a Popsicle that melts in the sun and is now a stick. He befriends other sticks and learns about what he can do now as a stick. It’s a great book about staying positive when you don’t get what you want.  This craft will involve making self-portraits out of lots of Popsicle sticks.




February 10, 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am
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