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Action Projects

Action Projects 2020-2021

The National Liberty Museum’s Young Heroes Outreach Program brings the Museum’s civic leadership curriculum directly into schools. Students spend the year developing key civic engagement skills, researching social issues, meeting with stakeholders and experts, and developing a student-led Action Project to address a social issue in their school or community.

We are proud to showcase the YHOP Action Projects from the 2020-2021 school year here on our website. We hope the actions of these impressive students inspire you to take action on a social issue you care about in your own community.

St. Christopher School of Philadelphia
Social Issue: The Environment
Faculty: Eve Boyd, Karen Szumski, JoAnn Osbourn
Sponsored by: Ernst and Young

Community Academy of Philadelphia
Social Issue: Animal Rights
Faculty Advisor: Deborah Lind
Sponsored Sponsored by: Individual Donors

William Rowen Elementary School
Social Issue: Black Lives Matter
Faculty Advisors: Tracey Johnson and Karen Williams
Sponsored by: PECO and Caroline Sanders

Julia R. Masterman School
Social Issue: Animal Cruelty
Faculty Advisor: Marjorie Brunner
Sponsored by: Tozour Energy Systems

Warren G. Harding Middle School
Social Issue: Gun Violence
Faculty Advisor: Allison Daly-Word
Sponsored by: Individual Donors

Tilden Middle School
Social Issue: Homelessness
Faculty Advisors: Charlette Walker and David Turner
Sponsored by: Individual Donors

Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences
Social Issue: Animal Welfare
Faculty Advisors: Nicole Dopirak and Ashley Simonvil
Sponsored by: Individual Donors

Solomon Solis-Cohen Elementary School
Social Issue: COVID-19 • Faculty: Javita Littles, Genevieve Conrad, Ashley O’Neill, Amanda Boyce, Ken Miller, Brian Plush, Cyndie Bowman • Sponsored by: Republic Bank

Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy
Social Issue: Discrimination
Faculty: Josh Renner, Roxanne Elfreth and Kara Snyder
Sponsored by: America250PA & The Allstate Foundation

William C. Longstreth
Social Issue: Climate Change
Faculty Advisors: Michael Rocco and Laura Cortese
Sponsored by: Lindy Communities

Southern York Middle School
Social Issue: Environmental Pollution
Faculty Advisors: Daniel Snare and April Melato
Sponsored by: America250PA & The Allstate Foundation

Laura W. Waring
Social Issue: Racism
Faculty Advisor: Natalie Lovecchio
Sponsored by: Crash Proof Retirement

William H. Zeigler School
Social Issue: Racism
Faculty Advisor: Bryan Fierson
Sponsored by: Ned and Caren Borowsky

Camden Big Picture Learning
Social Issue: Racism
Faculty Advisors: Matthew Bass and Kelly Huminski
Sponsored by: NJM Insurance Group

Joseph Greenberg School
Social Issue: Racism
Katherine Volin and Jesse Parker
Sponsor: Just Born Candy/Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

James Dobson School
Social Issue: Racism
Faculty Advisor: Melissa Wolfson
Sponsor: Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Stephen Decatur School
Social Issue: Animal Rights
Faculty Advisor: Megan Dager
Sponsored by: Elias Family Charitable Trust

Tanner G. Duckrey School
Social Issue: Bullying
Faculty: Eileen Wager and Kellie Crouthamel
Sponsored by: The Sheller Family Foundation

Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School
Social Issue: Racism and Drug Addiction
Faculty Advisor: Meliza Reynoso
Sponsored by: Lindy Communities (video unavailable)

Universal Institute Charter School
Social Issue: Racism
Faculty: Adjoa Love-Dorsey, Maria DeGracia-Redhair
Sponsored by: Lindy Communities


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