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Teacher as Hero Awards

State Farm sponsored

Teacher as Hero

This yearly recognition program, sponsored by State Farm®, honors outstanding educators in the Delaware Valley and beyond.
Nominations are now closed. Check back in 2023 for more information.

The three categories in which teachers are honored:
Category #1:
Exceptional Teacher Award

8 winners, including 1 Top Exceptional Teacher
This award will be presented to exceptional educators who leverage their excellence in teaching to make a difference in the lives of their students. Winners will be selected based on their achievements in the following areas. The Top Exceptional Teacher will be someone who exhibits ALL or MOST of these criteria.

  • Fosters an appreciation for diversity in the classroom;
  • Teaches students how to resolve conflicts respectfully;
  • Gives students a deeper understanding of the relationship between rights and responsibilities;
  • Honors student voice in the classroom and in public spaces;
  • Has taken a risk in order to remove an obstacle to a student’s liberty; or
  • Incorporates the above concepts in their relationships with colleagues and community members.
Category #2:
Caring Classroom Award

1 winner
This award will be presented to an educator who has integrated community service into the classroom to increase student civic engagement. Criteria:

  • This honoree meaningfully incorporates and champions student voice into the service learning process.
  • Their students’ deep understanding of the issues they work on can be seen in the impact of their projects.
Category #3:
Good Neighbor Award

1 winner
This award will be presented to a teacher who has initiated or teaches driver safety with heart by helping teen drivers to understand that driving is a responsibility as well as a privilege. Criteria:

  • This honoree combines hands-on practice with lessons designed to teach the concept of responsible driving.
  • Their students’ understanding of the responsibility of driving is evident through their actions and/or testimonials.

View the stories of the 2021 winners below.

The National Liberty Museum celebrated its 16th annual Teacher as Hero Award sponsored by State Farm® with a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Saturday, December 10th. The ceremony honored 11 inspiring teachers who make a difference in the lives of their students. To mark the occasion, State Farm Representatives, National Liberty Museum leadership, friends and family gathered via Zoom to celebrate the accomplishments of these exceptional educators. It is our pleasure to announce this year’s honorees.

Congratulations to the 2022 honorees. Click on their videos to learn their stories.

Haley McLaughlin
California Area High School

Vincent Newman
McArthur Florida

Tamara Quintana
Kearney Elementary

Cresta Kowaliski
South Penn Elementary

Kimberly Benton
Colson Elementary

Tyler Clayton
Braddock Middle School

Sarah Enyeart
Shade Gap Elementary

Donna Beck, Caring Classroom Award
Irvington Public Schools

R. Cummings McNitt, Good Neighbor Award
Tyrone Area High School

 Sasha Azouth, Exceptional Teacher Award
James. S. Rickards Middle School

Sturae Meyers
Cooper’s Poynt Family School


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