Looking for fun and educational virtual experiences for your students this school year? Let the National Liberty Museum’s educators bring liberty to life through tours, group discussions, games, crafts, and more that tell the amazing stories of ordinary people from around the world who did extraordinary things in the name of freedom and equality.

Virtual Field Trips and Learning Experiences will be offered on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am & 11am. These experiences are suitable for students in grades 4-12. The cost is $100 per 30 students (max.) and $65 for each additional group.

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Virtual Field Trip Programs

  1. Interactive Virtual Field Trip: Welcome to Liberty

    See all the National Liberty Museum has to offer…virtually. Through exciting multimedia presentations and 3-D technology, you can explore the entire Museum just like you and your students are really there!

    What is liberty? What does it mean to you and to all of us? Is liberty for everyone? Students will work together to answer these questions and more as they explore our virtual Museum with our educators. Along the way, they will play games, encounter a range of art and artwork from local Philadelphia artists, and talk about symbols of liberty that have meaning to them.

    During this program, students will:
    • Investigate symbols of liberty such as the Liberty Bell (and hear it ring!), as well as more abstract representations of liberty in works of art throughout the Museum
    • Be introduced to the concepts of “liberty” and “upstanders” in our Heroes of Liberty Gallery and consider how they apply to their own lives
    • Talk about their First Amendment rights and how they use them every day
    • Explore empathy, diversity, and conflict resolution through Sandy Skogland’s Jellybean People sculpture
    • Understand that liberty is an ongoing process that must be preserved, protected, and guarded for future generations – and that they can be a hero of liberty

  2. Virtual Learning Experience: Allies in Action

    How do we balance our rights with our responsibilities? How can we use our rights to protect the rights of others? Is it our responsibility to do so? How can we be an ally to others?

    In this interactive tour and workshop, students get to the bottom of these questions by studying art, videos, and primary source materials to learn about the importance of allies and allyship in the fight for equal rights. Students will discuss the presence of allies today, and how they can affect positive social change. Then, reflecting on their own motivations and inspiration, students will create a work of art to share.

    During this program, students will:
    • Be introduced to the concept of “liberty” and identify where and when there have been gaps in liberty
    • Be able to distinguish between rights & responsibilities and explain how they are related
    • Understand what an ally is and provide historical and present examples
    • Identify Social Issues and discuss actions that help bring about social changes

  3. Virtual Learning Experience: Approaching Conflict as an Upstander

    How do we resolve conflict peacefully? Whose responsibility is it to stand up to conflict? What exactly is an “Upstander?”

    This tour and workshop helps students find practical strategies for taking action when they see an opportunity to be an “upstander” for justice. Students will be introduced to a variety of conflict resolution strategies and vocabulary, and will come away with the understanding that conflict is a normal part of life.

    During this program, students will:
    • Be introduced to the concepts of “liberty” and “upstander,” and consider how these concepts apply to their own lives
    • Identify ways they can be upstanders in their school, community, and the world
    • Understand that conflict is a normal part of life and that they have choices in how to resolve it
    • Recognize the steps of conflict resolution

  4. Virtual Learning Experience: Heroes, from Comics to Reality

    Do superheroes walk among us? Is there a superhero inside each of us?

    In this virtual tour and interactive workshop, students learn the tricks and the traits of real-life superheroes! Through games, small-group collaboration, writing, drawing, and discussion, students will dig deeper into the stories of ordinary people who have worked to ensure liberty for themselves and others. Each student will have an opportunity to draw their own superhero who embodies values that are important to them.

    During this program, students will:
    • Be introduced to the concept of “liberty”
    • Be able to identify “hero traits,” including empathy, integrity, responsibility, respect, and perseverance
    • Identify real life heroes who have worked to make positive change in their communities

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Fall is for kids and Families
at the NLM.

The NLM offers a full calendar of virtual and on-site programs for kids and their families. We invite you to join us as we explore the themes of respect, taking action and spreading liberty to all.

Check out our exciting list of upcoming events for the fall.

Four Paths to Better Policing
An Interactive Virtual Public Dialogue
Monday, November 1, 2021; 7-9 pm on Zoom

Everyone has a vested interest in issues surrounding policing in our communities. We invite you to hear experts in the field and the community briefly outline four different paths to better public safety. After you hear from our experts, go deeper with fellow citizens, sharing your experiences and viewpoints in moderated small groups.

Find complete information here.

Art that acts as Social Commentary

The Graphic Content exhibition features graphic-centered artworks that take inspiration from counterculture tradition and give voice to those outside the mainstream. It features works that embody the artists' personal reflections on the current social and political climate.

The exhibition is on view through November 7, 2021
Learn more and purchase your Museum tickets now.

The artform of cartooning celebrates diversity, liberty, and inclusion

As a companion piece to the Graphic Content Exhibition, the NLM has brought back select pieces from Caretoons, a popular annual exhibition/competition that ran from 2005-2010. Through drawings submitted by children, as well as amateur and professional artists from around the world, the images in Caretoons grapple with contemporary issues through the approachable lens of cartoons and graphic art.

Click here to learn more and purchase your Museum tickets.

An exhibition celebrating NLM Award Winners

Since the NLM’s founding, a major component of our work has been our series of annual awards programs honoring the everyday heroes who live among us. This exhibition celebrates teachers, students, police officers, firefighters & first-responders, and healthcare professionals who have demonstrated extraordinary courage and made a difference in the lives of others.

Click here to learn more and purchase Museum tickets.

Events at NLM

The NLM hosts a robust calendar of programs and events for adults, from thought-provoking panel discussions to fun and engaging tours and workshops.

To see upcoming events, click here.

For special evening adult programs, visit NLM@Night.

Virtual Guided Group Tours now available

Here's a great way to enjoy the NLM. Our staff will lead you on a virtual tour of the Museum, as they explain our history, our mission, and our special exhibitions. We offer a range of virtual guided tour themes or we can customize a tour specifically for your group.

You'll find complete information here.

Support the Next Generation of Heroes

Each school year, we send NLM educators directly into Philadelphia’s most underserved schools to teach students critical leadership skills, such as courage, integrity, responsibility, respect, and most important, empathy. We show them that they have the power through their First Amendment Rights to use these skills to make positive changes in their school and community.

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Police officers, firefighters, and other emergency responders are honored

The National Liberty Museum celebrated its 15th annual Awards of Valor, presented by Your Local Chevrolet Dealers, via a virtual ceremony on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. The event included several notable keynote speakers and was attended by the honorees, their families and colleagues,

Learn more here about their impressive and inspirational stories.

NLM Honors Medical Professionals

The National Liberty Museum is proud to host its annual Healthcare Heroes Awards, presented by Teva Pharmaceuticals. This international awards program recognizes inspirational heroes in healthcare research and treatment whose accomplishments have profoundly benefited their patients, their field, and the global community.

The 2020 Awards Ceremony was held virtually on December 3.
Click here to learn about the honorees.

NLM honors 14 inspiring students from across the country

The National Liberty Museum celebrated its 20th annual TD Bank Young Heroes Awards with a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 12. The ceremony honored 14 inspiring students, ages 18 and younger, who identified an area where liberty was lacking and took action to make positive change in their local schools or communities.

Learn about these amazing young people here.