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Student Group Tours

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What will my students learn at the National Liberty Museum?

We bring your students a learning experience grounded in their everyday lives that shows them new ways to explore the world around them, learn about themselves, their community, and take part in shaping the future.

Our student tours curriculum incorporates four themes, which are woven throughout each tour:

  1. Appreciating Diversity

    Each person has a unique identity and perspective, and all people have the same inherent right to liberty.

  2. Resolving Conflicts Respectfully

    People face conflict on a regular basis and can handle conflict in a variety of ways. Some options for addressing conflict enhance liberty, while others detract from it.

  3. Balancing Rights with Responsibilities

    Using your rights responsibly by respecting the equal rights of those around you creates an environment in which liberty is shared by all.

  4. Heroes of Liberty

    There are gaps in liberty, which people have the power to address. Heroes of liberty are those who, despite the risks involved, take action to close the gaps through advocacy.

Our tour also draws on five character strengths that build leadership through the practice of liberty.  Motivated by empathy, you seek to understand the perspectives of others. You respect each person’s inherent right to liberty. You take responsibility for how your actions affect others. You act with integrity, knowing you can summon your courage in the face of obstacles.

Courage is a key character strength explored during the museum tour. Students see inspiring examples of historic figures being activists for liberty – fighting for all, despite risks and fears. Students learn that countless others have taken heroic action for liberty, and so can we.

Which tour option is right for my group?

Our 90-minute tour incorporates all four of the curriculum’s themes, giving your students a robust overview of their role in the story of liberty.
The Liberty Walking Group Tour is a 90-minute guided experience that explores over twenty Philadelphia historic sites while telling the stories of both famous and hidden Heroes of Liberty.

When you select a 120-minute Museum Learning Experience for your students, they will explore a theme of your choice in more depth.
Our NLM/Big Bus Tour Package begins with a 90-minute* fully-narrated sightseeing “City Tour” of Philadelphia on the Big Bus and continues with a 60-minute tour of the National Liberty Museum.
*Tour on the Big Bus can be reduced to 60-minutes.

Beginning April 3, 2017, we will offer two LUNCH options to tour groups

Now that lunch seating is no longer available at the nearby Bourse Building on 4th Street, where many groups ate, the National Liberty Museum is offering two lunch options to our tour groups.  If you choose to eat at the Museum, 30-minutes will be allotted for your lunch period.

1. Does your group wish to purchase their lunch?
NLM is offering new boxed-lunch options provided by Campo’s Deli.  All selections include a bag of potato chips, a freshly-baked cookie, and a bottle of water. Your group may pick TWO options. Dining space is available in one of the Museum’s galleries or you may take your lunches with you. Cost is $11 per person.

Menu Options:  *NOTE: All hoagies include lettuce, tomato and oil & vinegar. Gluten free bread is available upon request.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak
Philadelphia Steak w/o cheese

Turkey Hoagie*
Vegetable Hoagie*

Italian Hoagie*
Cheese Hoagie*

2. Is your group bringing their lunch?
NLM is offering complimentary lunch seating to our tour groups.

Both options above must be reserved in advance on your Tour Request Form.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How Many Educators Will My Group Receive?
    We will assign one Museum Educator per 20-25 students/group members. For example, if you are bringing a group of 80 students, they will be divided into four groups, and one educator will guide each group through the Museum. We will communicate with your prior to your tour to determine the number of groups needed. Because you know your group members best, it is often helpful if you assign groups prior to arriving at the Museum, being sure to keep group sizes approximately the same.
  2. Tour Confirmation & Payment
    Your tour will be confirmed when we receive your signed contract and a deposit by the due-date listed on the contract. Deposits are non-refundable. Full payment is due prior to or upon your arrival.
  3. Cancellations, Changes, & Late Arrival
    • Cancellations: Please notify us immediately if you need to cancel your group’s scheduled guided tour. If you cancel your tour, any payment you have made will be applied as credit to a future visit or credit in our Museum Store.
    • Changes: Please notify us immediately if you need to change your tour date, tour time or if your group changes in size by more than 5 people. We will make every effort to accommodate your changes. If your change results in an overpayment, we will apply the excess to a future visit or as credit in our Museum Store. If your change results in an underpayment, the additional amount will be due upon your arrival.
    • Late Arrivals: Please make every effort to arrive on time. Due to limited space in our entry areas, tour groups arriving early may be asked to wait outside the Museum until their scheduled tour time. If your group arrives late, we may not be able to extend your tour past the previously scheduled departure time, although we will make an effort to do so if possible. If your group is unavoidably delayed, please notify us immediately with your estimated time of arrival so that we can best prepare to accommodate your group. You may do this by calling the Admission Desk at 215-925-2800, ext. 130.
  4. Directions & Transportation Information
  5. Are you an approved field trip site by the School District of Philadelphia?

    Based on their review of our certificates of insurance, the Office of Risk Management (ORM) for the School District of Philadelphia has determined that we are in compliance with the School District’s requirements and has approved field trip activities at our facility for insurance and risk issues.

  6. Where to Dine
    The National Liberty Museum now offers dining facilities for those who wish to buy or bring their lunch. See the information above. If you prefer to eat at a restaurant, consult the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau.

NLM tour content is aligned with PennsylvaniaNew Jersey, and national Common Core education standards. You can further tailor your students’ experience by using our pre- and post-visit lesson plans to focus on a specific topic, character strength, or theme.

Use these quick links to continue the tour reservation process: special tour offers, rates and reservations.

NLM's Holiday Shop is the place to find some very special gifts!

This season, the National Liberty Museum has created a special Holiday Shop with a one-of-a-kind collection of gifts. It will open on Friday, November, 24  at our side entrance leading to historic Franklin Court. You will find cozy winter accessories, festive glass ornaments, fair trade handmade jewelry, unique stocking stuffers and much more.
Learn more and be sure to stop by.

Now accepting nominations for our new Healthcare Heroes Awards

The National Liberty Museum is proud to launch the inaugural Healthcare Heroes Awards, presented by Teva Pharmaceuticals. This international awards program recognizes inspirational heroes in healthcare research and treatment whose accomplishments have profoundly benefited their patients, their field, and the global community. The program will present an award to an outstanding honoree in four categories. The nomination deadline is early 2018. Learn more.

NLM to host a series of FPRI lectures

The Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) is dedicated to providing the insights of scholarship on foreign policy and national security challenges facing the United States. The National Liberty Museum will be hosting a series of FPRI lectures in the winter and spring of 2018. Please check back in the coming weeks for complete details.