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The National Liberty Museum Hosts Young Heroes Outreach Program (YHOP) End-of-Year Celebration
at the Girard College Armory

Parents, Teachers, Families, Faculty Advisors, Principals and Sponsors join The National Liberty Museum in Celebrating the Achievements of Hundreds of Elementary and Middle School Students in Grades 4-8 from 13 Philadelphia-Area Schools, Working to Make Positive Social Change in their Schools and Communities

What:The National Liberty Museum is hosting the year-end celebration of its Young Heroes Outreach Program (YHOP), a year-long, innovative, educational initiative for fourth through eighth grades at the Girard College Armory. Today in partnership with 13 public schools throughout the Philadelphia area, this program empowers students in the areas of leadership, civic engagement and social justice and acts on the principle that liberty is a right that everyone person and community should have. On Saturday, June 4th, 2016, sponsors along with families and educators will join the National Liberty Museum at the Girard College Armory as they celebrate the accomplishments of the Young Heroes Club members who have successfully completed the program over the past year.  Hundreds of students from the participating schools will be honored for tackling issues through the curriculum including: racism, public school funding, littering, bullying, school beautification, respect, sexual education, animal cruelty, school culture, and more.

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