GlassAccess Exhibit – Wheels on Fire – Call to artists

GlassAccess Exhibit – Wheels on Fire
Call to Artists

The GlassAccess Gallery at the National Liberty Museum is planning an exhibit calls Wheels on Fire. It will feature artists who identify as women, people who are non-binary, and people who have a history of being assigned female.

The historically male-dominated tradition of tobacco pipe smoking has given way to a less gender-restrictive culture of marijuana glass pipe smoking. Glass work has also traditionally been a male dominated field. Wheels on Fire will highlight pieces from the diverse range of work that women in the functional glass art community are creating.

This exhibit will spotlight both emerging and established glass pipe-makers in our target groups (noted above) who represent a skillful and boundary-pushing force in art, design, and utilitarianism.

The original date for the opening of this Exhibit, March 8, 2019, has been postponed. Information on participating will be posted here when the new date for this Exhibit has been set. Any questions, please contact our Glass Art Department at