Meeting & Event Spaces

Featuring six beautiful galleries on four expansive floors, our historic building includes a world-class glass art collection, inspiring exhibits, and stunning iconic architecture in the heart of Philadelphia.

Gather in Liberty Hall or sip cocktails in the Welcome to Liberty Gallery. Enjoy a small dinner party around the “Flame of Liberty” or listen to the laughter of children at a birthday party in our Education Center. The wide variety of stunning spaces within the Museum makes it a perfect fit for every special event. Separately or in combination, our galleries can accommodate from 25 to 350 guests depending on what space is used. A guided tour of the Museum can be added to any facility rental purchase

  1. Liberty Hall

    Capacity for Various Events
    Cocktail Reception: 125
    Seated Dinner: 100
    Theater Style: 150
    Classroom Style: 100

    Amenities Offered in this Gallery
    Built in stage; 6ft LCD screen; 9ft screen with rear projection; Podium; Audio visual hook-ups

    Available for use during daytime hours, evenings and weekends

    The Museum’s prime event space, Lenfest Liberty Hall is a beautifully appointed room in traditional colonial American design. One wall bears a mural-size reproduction of Howard Chandler Christy’s renowned “Signing of the Constitution.” On each side of the mural is an extensive collection of original presidential china from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. The room also features an exhibit honoring recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor and Medals of Valor.

    This hall is ideal for special events including formal parties to business meetings and training sessions.  It can be used in combination with other galleries in the Museum (for example: dinner in Liberty Hall and dessert in the adjacent Voyage to Liberty Gallery).

  2. Welcome to Liberty Gallery

    Amenities Offered in this Gallery
    55-person seated theater; 37-inch TV screen

    Available for use evenings, 7 days a week

    The Welcome to Liberty Gallery has been renovated and is now open. Our exact replica of the Liberty Bell is in place, along with a mural-size presentation of what it means to Live Like a Hero. This inspirational walk through freedom encourages visitors to find their own inner hero, and become a part of the story of liberty.

    This gallery is ideal for a cocktail reception. It can also accommodate a seated dinner, a theater-style presentation and a classroom-style event in our immersive Liberty Theater.

    Events in this gallery can be extended into our Flame Room which features the 21-ft. Flame of Liberty by Dale Chihuly

  3. Voyage to Liberty
    National Liberty Museum Voyage to Liberty event space

    Capacity for Special Events
    Cocktail Reception: 50
    Seated Dinner: 20
    Theater Style: N/A
    Classroom Style: N/A

    Available for use evenings, 7 days a week

    “Voyage to Liberty” is a beautiful rustic room which celebrates America’s history of freedom. As you walk through this gallery, you’ll see how freedom of religion (referenced by a collection of stained glass images by Maurice Gareau) shaped the young United States.  Then… turn the corner to a hallway adorned with wall-sized oil paintings to discover citizens who used their five First Amendment freedoms –religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition– to seek greater opportunities to enjoy their liberty and share it with others.

    This charming event space is perfect for intimate cocktail and dinner parties. Located on the same floor as Liberty Hall, it is often used as an extension to a larger banquet, as a dessert bar or cocktail area.

  4. Heroes of Liberty From Around the World

    Capacity for Special Events
    Cocktail Reception: 75
    Seated Dinner: 40
    Theater Style: N/A
    Classroom Style: N/A

    Amenities Offered in this Gallery
    View of elegant “Flame of Liberty;” Space is expandable through use of adjoining areas

    Available for use evenings, 7 days a week

    Graced by the 2 1/2 story Flame of Liberty by renowned artist Dale Chihuly, “Heroes of Liberty From Around the World” is one of the most moving galleries in the Museum. The room is encircled by three-dimensional dioramas of photos and glass art honoring courageous men and women of all walks of life from 55 nations around the world.

    A lovely setting for small dinner parties or cocktail receptions, “Heroes of Liberty” is often used as an extension for large banquets and for occasions when groups reserve the entire Museum.

  5. Live Like a Hero
    National Liberty Museum Live Like a Hero

    Capacity for Special Events
    Cocktail Reception: 100
    Seated Dinner: 20
    Theater Style: N/A
    Classroom Style: N/A

    Available for use evenings, 7 days a week

    This moving gallery encourages visitors to discover their “inner hero” by learning what they can do to make a difference in their schools and communities.  You’ll find exhibits honoring Teachers, Young Heroes, and Heroes of Valor from local police and fire departments and correctional  institutions.  You’ll also enjoy an array of interactives, including a Shredder Exhibit where you can write down things that need to be changed and take the first step in making that change, and our life-size Jellybean Children, which make a beautiful statement about diversity without uttering a word.

    This gallery can accommodate buffet stations, a bar, and butlered hors d’oeuvres.  It is ideal for a small dinner party or cocktail reception or as an extension for larger events in other galleries.

  6. Education Center
    National Liberty Museum Education Center

    Capacity for Special Events
    Cocktail Reception: 75
    Seated Dinner: 60
    Theater Style: 100
    Classroom Style: 50

    Amenities Offered in this Gallery
    Large built in counter; Podium; Audio visual hook-ups; Space is expandable through use of adjoining areas.

    Available for use during daytime hours, evenings and weekends

    Combining the theme of good citizenship with beautiful glass art, the Education Center/Chihuly Gallery is a perfect setting for any special event.  The featured art is a collection of beautiful human forms by renowned glass artist Milon Townsend and wall-sized seaforms by the most well-known glass artist in the world, Dale Chihuly.

    A large open space, this gallery is suitable for many different set-ups.  It is ideal for all types of business and private events, including children’s parties.

Big Ideas for Little Learners: Exploring friendship through storytelling

Join us with your family, on Saturday, June 9 at 11am, for an engaging exploration of friendship, acceptance, respect, and kindness. Using puppets, props, and lots of imagination, author and illustrator Staci Schwartz will lead an interactive reading of her book, The New Bear on the Block. Your family will receive their very own signed copy of the book, along with a special Hide-and-Seek Adventure Map of the National Liberty Museum personally designed by Staci. Learn more.

Sound + Vision Exhibition on Display April 6 - June 10

Sound + Vision explores the influence of music on contemporary glass art and the inextricable connection between music and visual arts. Featuring the works of 29 artists and collaborative teams, Sound + Vision showcases figurative representations of instruments, experimental glass instruments, and multimedia sculptural works inspired by both musical experiences and legends. Learn more.

Learn about our exciting Closing Event for this exhibit.

Shown: Violin by Etai Rahmil. Photo by Steven Toney.

Screening of Landfill Harmonic, Friday, May 18, 6:30pm

In keeping with the theme of our current Sound + Vision Exhibit, NLM is screening Landfill Harmonic, the inspiring story of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. The film follows the orchestra's rise to fame, and their remarkable courage and perseverance as their already struggling community faces significant obstacles, including a natural disaster.
Learn more.

"Pay What You Wish" and Special Activities on Memorial Day

Honor, explore, and be inspired this Memorial Day. At the National Liberty Museum you’ll discover stories of both military heroes and ordinary citizens who contributed to preserving our country’s liberty. There are special activities for adults and children throughout the day, including military trivia and a creative kids' workshop. All activities are included with your "Pay What You Wish" admission. Learn more.

Art Workshops for Kids in May and June

Join us on various weekend days in May and June when we will be offering art workshops for kids in conjunction with our Sound + Vision Exhibit. Workshops are free with Museum admission. Preregistration is required. Check our Event Calendar for details.

Lecture by the Foreign Policy Research Institute

In our next session, on Wednesday, June 6, our guest is Sheri E. Berman, professor of political science at Barnard College. Berman’s main interests are European politics and political history, democracy and democratization, globalization, and the history of the left. Her two books have examined the role played by social democracy in determining political outcomes in 20th-century Europe. Learn more and register day.

Young Heroes Award

This annual awards program, sponsored by TD Bank, recognizes young people who have taken leadership roles in their schools or communities to bring about positive social change. Each year we look for young people who have engaged in civic activities, promoted respectful resolutions to conflict, advocated for diversity, and much more. Nominations for 2018 are now open. Learn more and nominate a deserving young person today.

Awards of Valor

This annual awards program, presented by YOUR LOCAL CHEVROLET DEALERS, honors police officers, firefighters, and other emergency responders for extraordinary acts of courage, empathy, and meritorious service. Nominations for 2018 are now open. Learn more