Rowen Elementary School

Grade: 4, Social Issue:
School Culture/Recess

Faculty Advisors:
Tracey Johnson, Ellen Foster, Karen Williams
School Principal:
Dr. James Murray
Sponsored by:
PECO and Caroline Sanders Charitable Fund

The 4th graders at Rowen Elementary noticed something about their recess; it’s where most of the fights at their school start and how kids end up getting into trouble. The Young Heroes at Rowen believe that recess should be a safe, fun experience for all students, so that is the project they chose. The students took a recess self-assessment from Playworks, and realized they could make their recess a place where people didn’t fight and could play safe games. For their Action Project, the students brainstormed in a writing prompt, map, or picture, what they think a fun, safe recess should look like. They plan to use all of these ideas next year to help inspire the next group of Young Heroes.

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Duckrey Elementary School

Grade: 5, Social Issue: School Funding

Faculty Advisors:
Meridith Fitzwater and Brooke Coletta
School Principal:
Mr. Cohen
Sponsored by:
The Sheller Family Foundation

Does your school have a library? What about a school nurse? Are there enough computers at your school for the students? For their Social Action Project, the 5th grade Young Heroes at Duckrey Elementary took a look at school funding. They learned that there is a significant funding difference between the various counties in Pennsylvania and that many districts receive more funding than Philadelphia schools. Unfortunately, this truth became even more evident to them when COVID 19 interrupted their learning. They saw that suburban counties could begin their remote learning almost immediately, while city schools had to wait several weeks before receiving Chromebooks to facilitate their remote learning. For their Action Project, these 5th graders either drew a picture or wrote an essay on how Duckrey would benefit from fair funding.

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Lamberton Elementary School School

Grade: 6, Social Issue: Bullying

Faculty Advisors:
Kimberly Sweeney and Yvette Burns
School Principal:
Pamela Redmond
Sponsored by:
Berger Montague

Nobody likes to be bullied, so the 6th graders and Lamberton Elementary School set out to tackle bullying at their school. The Young Heroes researched root causes of bullying and types of bullying, and realized they would need to address bullying in different ways to help improve the culture at Lamberton. First, using donated funds, the students purchased a “buddy bench” for recess.  They then planned to put together an informative assembly, teaching the rest of the school what a buddy bench was and how to use in. Additionally, the 6th grade classes had already begun making posters about bullying prevention. Lastly, older students signed up to read anti-bullying books to the younger grades so those students would learn early on not to bully others.

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