St. Christopher’s School

Grade: 6, 7, & 8
Social Issue:
COVID-19 Outbreak

Faculty Advisors:
Eve Boyd and Karen Szumski
School Principal:
Mrs. Mary Tremper
Sponsored by:
Ernst & Young

As students and teachers adapted to school in the age of self-quarantine, the Young Heroes Club at St. Christopher’s school saw the opportunity to treat COVID-19 as a social issue, and address a real-world problem as it unfolded in real time. With empathy, perseverance and optimism, YHOP Club members came together and decided the project would be twofold: it would unite the students of St. Christopher and recognize and thank essential workers. YHOP Club members decided to have students and faculty at St. Chris submit personal or class videos expressing their appreciation and gratitude to essential workers in our city. Despite the physical distance between the students, they met weekly on Zoom, established goals for their meetings, and divided up work. Many of the students in the Young Heroes Club are related to, or know, someone still working as an Essential Worker – so putting together this video had personal meaning to them, and they hope to inspire the rest of the St. Christopher’s community as well.

St. Christopher’s video cannot be displayed due to the privacy of students.
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Sheridan Elementary School

Grade: 4, Social Issue: COVID-19

Faculty Advisors:
Keisha Walton and Amy Barcoski
School Principal:
Awilda Balbuena
Sponsored by:
Lindys/Lindy Communities

This year, the Young Heroes at Sheridan Elementary School decided to address COVID-19 as their Social Issue once schools closed down. Originally, the Sheridan Young Heroes chose Pollution as their Social Issue, but once they saw how many people were suffering due to COVID-19, they decided to use their character trait, Empathy, to change their Social Issue and Action Project! Students researched the root causes and symptoms of COVID-19. They used their research to create educational videos that teach our community about how to be safe during COVID-19, as well as to thank and support people who are most affected by the virus.

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Ziegler Elementary School

Grade: 7 & 8, Social Issue: Social Distancing

Faculty Advisor:
Bryan Fierson
School Principal:
Robert Berretta
Sponsored by:
NJM Insurance

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced students to work and study from home and threatened the Ziegler community, the Young Heroes at the school were unwilling to let this new challenge go unaddressed. Ziegler students decided to focus their energy on the importance of Social Distancing, and creating a way to advocate for it to their community. In order to find an effective way to speak to multiple age groups, the Ziegler heroes studied various kinds of social media, and decided that they could reach out through Twitter, Instagram, and Tik-Tok in order to reach a diverse audience. The Ziegler heroes also learned about the importance of a hashtag to link all the different content they created together. The students researched a variety of historically important hashtag-based movements and decided to create their own based on what they learned from their research. Because of the diversity of the Ziegler community, the Young Heroes took one poster and translated it into as many languages as possible to maximize their impact. For their final project the heroes have created a series of short Tik-Tok’s, memes, and an informational poster that all aim to spread vital information about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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The NLM offers a full calendar of virtual and on-site programs for kids and their families. We invite you to join us as we explore the themes of respect, taking action and spreading liberty to all.

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Strength & Fragility Exhibition

*Final weeks to see the Peace Portal!

Strength & Fragility: The Story of the NLM highlights the life of the Museum’s founder Irvin J. Borowsky, and how his belief in universal equality and liberty, as well as his passion for contemporary glass art, led to the creation of the National Liberty Museum. Strength & Fragility includes engaging archival material, stunning glass artwork, immersive soundscapes and –*through September 12 only!– a magnificent 9-foot-high glass canopy by Ulla Darni, entitled the "Peace Portal.” Be sure to see this exhibition before the Peace Portal is taken down.

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Art that acts as Social Commentary

The Graphic Content exhibition features graphic-centered artworks that take inspiration from counterculture tradition and give voice to those outside the mainstream. It features works that embody the artists' personal reflections on the current social and political climate.

The exhibition is on view through November 7, 2021
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The artform of cartooning celebrates diversity, liberty, and inclusion

As a companion piece to the Graphic Content Exhibition, the NLM has brought back select pieces from Caretoons, a popular annual exhibition/competition that ran from 2005-2010. Through drawings submitted by children, as well as amateur and professional artists from around the world, the images in Caretoons grapple with contemporary issues through the approachable lens of cartoons and graphic art.

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An exhibition celebrating NLM Award Winners

Since the NLM’s founding, a major component of our work has been our series of annual awards programs honoring the everyday heroes who live among us. This exhibition celebrates teachers, students, police officers, firefighters & first-responders, and healthcare professionals who have demonstrated extraordinary courage and made a difference in the lives of others.

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Each school year, we send NLM educators directly into Philadelphia’s most underserved schools to teach students critical leadership skills, such as courage, integrity, responsibility, respect, and most important, empathy. We show them that they have the power through their First Amendment Rights to use these skills to make positive changes in their school and community.

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Police officers, firefighters, and other emergency responders are honored

The National Liberty Museum celebrated its 15th annual Awards of Valor, presented by Your Local Chevrolet Dealers, via a virtual ceremony on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. The event included several notable keynote speakers and was attended by the honorees, their families and colleagues,

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NLM Honors Medical Professionals

The National Liberty Museum is proud to host its annual Healthcare Heroes Awards, presented by Teva Pharmaceuticals. This international awards program recognizes inspirational heroes in healthcare research and treatment whose accomplishments have profoundly benefited their patients, their field, and the global community.

The 2020 Awards Ceremony was held virtually on December 3.
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NLM honors 14 inspiring students from across the country

The National Liberty Museum celebrated its 20th annual TD Bank Young Heroes Awards with a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 12. The ceremony honored 14 inspiring students, ages 18 and younger, who identified an area where liberty was lacking and took action to make positive change in their local schools or communities.

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