Sound and Vision Exhibit Call to Artists

The National Liberty Museum is now extending an open call to ARTISTS to submit artwork for our Sound and Vision Exhibit, April 6 – June 10, 2018. If you are an artist interested in participating, please read below.

The National Liberty museum invites emerging and established artists to submit artwork for an opportunity to participate in the upcoming group exhibit entitled Sound and Vision. We are looking for a diverse body of artwork with a main focus on glass. The GlassAccess Gallery at the National Liberty Museum will advertise and promote the artists selected for the exhibition and host a formal opening reception. Sound and Vision will explore the influence of music on contemporary glass art, showcasing figurative representations of instruments and sound; experimental glass instruments and multimedia works; and sculptural works inspired by musical concepts and experiences.

Musical and visual arts have always been inextricably connected as a means of human language and expression. In addition to its use as a medium for musically thematic and illustrative visual work, glass has been used to physically create music for hundreds of years. Whether by friction, as with the glass harmonica and the crystallophone, or by percussion, as with glass marimbas and instruments like the Thai ranat kaeo, the aural potential of glassmaking has been a fruitful subject of exploration. A renewed artistic interest in the acoustic properties of glass has led to exciting experimentation with form, structure, and performance.

Sound and Vision Exhibition: April 6 – June 10, 2018
Artist Application Deadline: February 9, 2018
Notification to Artists Selected: February 16, 2018
Shipping Deadline for Artwork: March 9, 2018
Hand Delivery Deadline for Artwork: March 12, 2018


  1. Eligibility

    The Sound and Vision Exhibit is open to all professional artists, ages 18 and up, who design and produce their own work. We are looking for a body of artwork with a main focus on glass. The works may include multimedia and/or performance.

  2. How to Apply

    There is a $20 application fee per submission. Submissions may include up to two artworks. All submissions must be entered via our online submission form below.
    -Images must be in .jpg format – 300 dpi, min. 5″x7″
    -Video submissions must be uploaded as MP4.
    -If you are selected for the exhibit (and you are an American citizen), you will need to provide a W9 form to participate in the exhibit. Click here for printable form.

  3. Delivery and Pick-up Information

    Artwork should be delivered to the National Liberty Museum, 321 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Hand deliveries may be made at the front desk, Monday-Sunday, 10am-4pm.  Please make sure to write your name on your box, along with ATTN: GLASS.

    Works not sold will be available for pick up by June 18, 2018. If shipping arrangements need to be made, the Museum will contact you within 30 days after the show closes. Works will not be insured by the National Liberty Museum after August 1, 2018 unless special arrangements have been made.

Apply to Submit Artwork for the Sound and Vision exhibit

The Application process includes uploading one or more jpegs of the artwork(s) you would like to submit and a statement of 200 words or less in MS Word format about your work in regard to the theme of this exhibit. Please be prepared to provide those items before you begin this application. To learn more about the Museum’s connection to glass art, click here.



    You may submit up to two works of art, including two images for each work.
  • NOTE: The selling price will be double the consignment price.
  • NOTE: The selling price will be double the consignment price.

  • National Liberty Museum (NLM) will: 1. Pay the Artist the Consignment price (If work(s) are sold.) 2. Issue payment to the artist within 45 days after the date the buyer's payment is received. 3. NOT be responsible for any damage incurred during shipment to the Museum. 4. Be responsible for any damage to artwork, loss of artwork, or theft of artwork, while consigned to the Museum. 5. Will be in contact with the artist within 30 days after the show closes, if shipping arrangements need to be made. 6. Not insure your work(s) after August 1, 2018, unless special arrangement have been made.

    YOU agree to: 1. Ship all works to the National Liberty Museum by March 9, 2018. (Works delivered by hand must be received by March 12.) 2. Submit this form, completed in full, by February 9, 2018. 3. Submit a $20 application fee via the link you receive when you submit this form. 4. Be responsible for shipping costs of artwork to the Museum and back to you (if artwork does not sell). 5. Submit this application with the understanding that this is a selection process and your participation is not guaranteed.

    In 200 words or less, please include a brief statement regarding your submission relating to the following: Musical and visual arts have always been inextricably connected as means of human language, expression, and therapy. Please include a brief statement on how music has made an influence on your artwork. Poems, stories or songs are welcome to illustrate your connection between aural and visual creativity.

  • When your form is completed, please click the submit button once to transmit your information; do not refresh the page during this process. THAT COMPLETES STEP #1 OF YOUR APPLICATION.

    When your form is successfully submitted, you will see a THANK YOU PAGE that contains a link to pay your $20 application fee. Please click on that link to complete your application process by submitting your payment.

    You must submit this form by February 9, 2018 to be considered for this exhibit.


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Shown: Violin by Etai Rahmil. Photo by Steven Toney.

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