Bring the Museum to Your School

Bring the National Liberty Museum to You! Several of the Museum’s most popular Learning Experiences can be conducted at your school. Available for grades K-12, these 45-minute programs bring the sights, sounds, and messages of the National Liberty Museum directly to your students! Choose from one of the following in-depth workshops. View our rates and reserve a museum visit to your school today.

National Liberty Museum School Visits
  1. Be an Upstander (grades 4-12 / ages 9-18)

    For a classroom program: 45 minutes, 1 classroom per program (max 40 students)
    For an auditorium program: 45 minutes, 250-student maximum per program (microphone and amplification system required)
    Your students want to help when someone else is being mistreated. But in the moment, it’s hard to know what to do. Let our Liberty Educators teach your students how to be good citizens and build character using practical strategies that will empower anyone – from the shy to the outgoing, from the confident to the uncertain — to act when the time comes to stand up for someone else. Students will learn ‘upstander strategies’ with the help of engaging visual aids and practice their new skills through role-playing. This workshop is always a crowd-pleaser.

  2. Junior Upstanders (grades K-3 / ages 5-8)

    Classroom program: 45 minutes, 1 classroom per program (max 40 students)
    It’s never too early to start living like a hero. The Be an Upstander workshop can be adapted for grades K-3. Our educators will use age-appropriate vocabulary and simplified upstander strategies to teach the idea that there is more than one way to help while instilling lifelong values like character, friendship, and good decision-making. No matter how big or small the problem or the hero, everyone can do something!

  3. Inspiring Allies (grades 4-12 / ages 9-18)

    Classroom program: 45 minutes, 1 classroom per program (max 40 students)
    It happens time and again. People go out of their way to help people they don’t personally know. But why? The answer is probably different for every hero of liberty, but many were moved by the words of inspirational leaders. In this workshop, our Liberty Educators will guide your students on an exploration of primary source documents that helped persuade others to act. Students will create “strike-out poems,” in which they choose words and phrases from primary sources that resonate with them and remix these elements into visually pleasing and unique works of art they will be proud of. Through this program, we’ll strengthen critical thinking skills, build character, and inspire future leaders. 

  4. Junior Allies (grades K-3 / ages 5-8)

    Classroom program: 45 minutes, 1 classroom per program (max 40 students)
    It’s never too early to start living like a hero. The Allies workshop can be adapted for grades K-3. Our educators will select age-appropriate text and materials and conduct a hands-on workshop in which children will create their own poems using cut-out words. The Junior Allies workshop prepares children to take an active role in learning and helps build lifelong values like character, friendship, and good decision-making. 

  5. To Create is To Be Free (grades 1-8 / ages 6-15)

    Classroom program: 45 minutes, 1 classroom per program (max 40 students)
    “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” –Nelson Mandela

    What do glass and liberty have in common? Why is it important to protect other peoples’ freedoms? Why would someone suppress others’ desires to create something beautiful? These are some of the questions your students will address through visual aids, discussions, analyzing artworks, and creating their own “glass” art. Liberty should never be taken for granted, and after this workshop, your students will learn why. 

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The Treachery of Images,
an Exhibit of Glass Pipes

Opening on Friday, April 7, this new temporary exhibit will showcase works that traditionally have been marginalized as “functional” glass art due to their association with an illicit activity. The “Treachery of Images” Exhibit embraces both the technical and social challenges of this art form by celebrating the unconventional designs and amazing craftsmanship of glass pipemakers. The work shown here, Freija by Banjo and Snic Barnes, is one of dozens of works that will be on display. Click here to learn more.

An LGBT+ Glass Art Exhibition

Opening on Friday, June 2 to coincide with “LGBT Pride Month,” this will be the nation’s FIRST museum exhibit of studio glass works produced exclusively by artists of the LGBT+ community. It will showcase the diverse subjects, methods, and styles explored by these artists. The work shown here by Pearl Dick will be among dozens of works on display. Click here to learn more.

Free Indie Lens Pop-Up Film Festival... RSVP today!

Indie Lens Pop-Up is a neighborhood series that brings people together for FREE film screenings and community-driven conversations. Four films are scheduled for the coming months. After each FREE screening, we will host a thought-provoking panel discussion. Learn more and RSVP Today!

Lectures on Important Foreign Policy Issues

The National Liberty Museum co-sponsors and hosts a series of lectures on important foreign policy issues. Click here to learn about the upcoming event on May 2.

TD Bank Young Heroes Awards... Nominate someone today!

Nominations for our 2017 TD Bank Young Heroes Award are now open. Each year, we look for young people who have championed liberty through civic engagement, resolving conflicts respectfully, promoting diversity, and demonstrating leadership in their school or community. Learn more and submit your nomination today!

NLM's 2017 Glass Auction & Gala

This year’s GLASS AUCTION & GALA will be held Saturday evening, October 7 at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel, 201 N 17th St, Philadelphia, PA. An outstanding collection of art is being assembled. Sponsorships are available. Our 2017 "Heroes of Liberty" are Stephen & Sandy Sheller. The artist honoree is Pearl Dick from Chicago. Click here for more information.

NLM Travel is headed to Wisconsin

Join the NLM on an arts-filled tour of parts of Wisconsin, Sept. 6-11, 2017. From Milwaukee’s art museums, to private collections, to a stop in beautiful Door County, which juts directly into Lake Michigan, you’ll follow host Arlene Silvers for a one-of-a-kind experience. Click here for more information.